Welcome to Ms. Eva’s Beauty Blog

Hi Lovely Readers,

Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find reviews of luxury and drugstore beauty products as well as a few posts on health, beauty tips, and skincare.

You won’t find makeup tutorials and FOTD’s here; I leave that to professional makeup artists and the talented beauty gurus. Instead, you’ll find my thoughts on products as well as beauty-related advice based on research. I value integrity and objectivity, and my hope is that my posts reflect those values. I believe consumers should have the right to know how a product performs; thus, the goal of my blog is to provide reviews, free of sponsorships and ulterior motives. ¬†Though biases and subjectivity cannot be eliminated completely, I ¬†do my best to offer my opinions about products as justly and open-mindedly as possible.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Ms. Eva